Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to play?

Im a WAHM and some days Im sure I almost feel as much guilt as a full-time working mum when I know I have work to do and dont feel I give the children enough attention.  The reason I wanted to work from home was to be with my children but then sometimes, I feel like it doesnt make any difference.  Im sure I am not alone.

Recently, the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) and Play England conducted a survey which found over half the parents interviewed felt that they did not have enough time to play with their children.  Playing is important to teach children vital skills for the future, such as, turn-taking, problem-solving and creativity.  Some parents even noticed negative behaviour if their children did not get time to play.  The survey also found that some parents were 'over-scheduling' their children in activities and classes, trying to make 'every minute count' but sometimes children just need their own space and time to play with their friends or sibilings, helping them to develop relationships.  Scheduling time to play is important for both physical and emotion reasons and its quality time with your children.  It doesnt have to take hours but a little time set aside each day, can make all the difference. 

For the full story and more information, see BTHA website or the facebook page for the Make Time to Play page.

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