Monday, June 13, 2011

Attention-seeking behaviour

I have a couple, well a few friends who are currently struggling with attention seeking behaviour in their children and it got me to thinking what could be behind it.  Im no child psychologist, but what makes some children feel the need to 'play up' in certain ways to get attention?  In these situations that my friends are encountering there is no one factor that could be applied to all, although all the mums are stay at home mums and have two children but the children are all different ages.  In the youngest one, who is almost three, he is pushing children in his playschool, being the most prominent behaviour.  In the others who are older, there are several patterns of behaviour, the most common being, always demanding something and continously asking (even if they have been told yes) to ensure they are dealt with first and shouting. 

But is this behaviour simply caused by the parents not giving the child enough attention (or at least positive attention) or does the child just have a demanding personality, is that even possible at a young age?  It is a problem that I have never really had with my children, not on the scale as these mothers are dealing with, of course, they have their days and their moments when it feels they wont leave me alone.

I would really like to help my friends, but am not sure where the root of the behaviour comes from, what do you think?  Have you ever dealt with this kind of thing with your child?

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