Friday, June 17, 2011

A significant day!

So today is a very important day in my life, two of my most life changing experiences happened on this day both good and bad.  And its no-one's birthday!!

Today is my third anniversary of my arrival in Portugal.  Me and my little Sophie, barely 2 and a half arrived in Faro airport to meet my husband, who had arrived two weeks earlier and started our new life.  As much as I love living here, it has not been easy and many times I have questioned that decision, but life is life and we have to deal with it.  On occasions like a blind newborn puppy trying to find our way.  Who knows what is right, until you get there.  Hopefully we are getting there.

The other event on this day, was sadly the day we lost my Mum, after fighting a long illness.  That was 15 years ago and I was 17.  I will always miss her and think of her very often.  It was a very difficult and dark time for me, but I came through hopefully to be a stronger person.


  1. Its always life changing stuff, starting afresh in a new country and losing a parent, ive been through both. Well done on coming through it so well on the other side, the future is bright!

  2. Absolutely heart breaking. Losing a parent (or child of course) is the most traumatic thing we will ever go through, but perhaps it does make us stronger, I don't know. I've blogged about my dad today as I lost him ten years ago and this time of year is very significant to me also.

    Lovely post, bitter sweet, but very poignant.

    CJ xx