Monday, June 6, 2011

So Portugal what happens now?

Today Portugal begins a new life, we now have a new government that promise complete transparancy and work to an absolute.  A government that 'will not rest' until they see Portugal growing.  Im all for this, this is the party I would have voted for if I could have.  I just hope they can deliver on what they promise.

Portugal is a great country, very traditional, very proud, but it has lost its way big time.  There was always quite a big social class difference although this has closed alot since the revolution in the 70's, but there is a huge difference on income bands, you are either driving a mercedes/ beemer or a 10+ year old car.  You either earn between €475 (min wage) - €800 or well over €1000, most people (dont know official figures) around 70-80% earn the lesser wage, with 10-15% earning the latter and a minority in the middle, but the spread is so uneven. It is something that always annoys me.  But hopefully now the future is looking better for portugal.
Photo from Sapo
I love this photo, it gives a great idea.


  1. This is the most right wing government this country ever elected and that's not a good thing, they will not rest until they completely dismantle the welfare state, in their view only a few enlightened are deserving to be uplifted while most poor people are parasites that live of the government's tit. The will not rest also while they don't privatize everything, including social security and health and school services. The Neo-Cons have arrived.

  2. Helder, I appreciate your comment and your opinion. My opinion is different to yours, I dont think this country could have continued the route it was on under Socrates and PS. My opinion is also based on my experience of privatisation that has happened in England, I see a lack of capitalism here in portugal and the state is buckling under the debts of some of these services, which I believe would be run much better as private companies. As things are the private health and education sector is strong here already, not that I think the NHS should be privatised and in terms of social welfare, you barely get any help as it is. Portugal needs a change, lets see what they can do before we put them down, we've seen where PS have taken us, lets try something different.

  3. You must understand that most people can only afford health and education if they are public, if those services are privatized most people will not be able to pay them. The problem here is that most people wants to have their own home, instead of renting, it's a mistake that causes many families to have enormous debts, if there were a competitive rent market the economic situition of the country would be a lot better.

  4. I understand that most people can only afford health care and education if they are public, as I said in my post, I know most people live on a wage under €800 and please dont misunderstand me, I am in no way in favour of privatising the health service or education but other services such as transport, utilities or communications, I think is a good thing, if done right of course.
    But maybe you can explain something to me, if I need a blood test, I have to go to a private clinic, who are then paid by the NHS for providing that service, and my doctor has his own nurse and an admin person dedicated to him, how can that be cost-effective? I dont think the health service should be privatised, not at all, but I believe changes must be made.

  5. But those branches of government shouldn't be cost effective or run like a business, their main focus should be to provide a good service the government makes enough money to run social security and health services, what it must do is trim the fat and reduce spending where it can, and there's a lot of places where it can reduce spending. In my case due to been diagnosed with Tyroid cancer 3 years ago (cured now) I don't pay anything now, not even moderation fees that all portuguese pay, when I visit a doctor or do a blood test I pay 0, don't know for how long this situation will continue.