Friday, November 30, 2012

I believe!

I believe in many things, sometimes to believe in something is all you have.  We find comfort, strength and security in our beliefs.  Whether they are religious or destiny or to believe in someone or something.

As many of you know, I have been having a difficult time lately, struggling to find a way through this crisis.  Lately has been particularly tough for several reasons, leaving me feeling trapped and like having no way forward, as though we have fallen too far to come back.  Everytime it seems like we are moving forward something comes in our way, usually that we were not expecting, throwing us off track again.  But we try and try again.  I believe we will get there somehow, and I know I am trying everything I can to do that.  Im not the world best problem solver and am a terrible procrastinator at times, two things which can heavily go against me but I try and I believe there has to be a way.  Somehow I hope if I believe enough in the possibility, it will happen, because the alternative is not an alternative.

Someone said recently, 'no-one has to help you', and that is true.  No-one has an obligation to help you but sometimes, if you're lucky there are very kind and special people who will go out of their way to help.  We have been blessed enough to have been given that kind of help and are so so grateful.  It also changes the way I see things, in that I could not imagine someone giving such help, and that if I have the opportunity to repay that kindness or pass it on to someone else I will without a doubt.  Especially in these times, when many are struggling, it can cause us to become selfish and only think of ourselves and our problems.  But there are people who will help, and go out of their way to do that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Gallery: Eyes

This week's theme on The Gallery is Eyes.

This is my youngest daughter Grace who has amazing eyes, this photo was taken quite a while ago but now she has these huge, and I mean huge eyelashes, that a supermodel would be envious of and a little speckle of brown around the iris, as does her mother.  

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More strikes!

Today here in Portugal, there is yet another workers strike.  Firstly, dont get me wrong I am not against people having the right to strike but at the moment, it is seems to be every other week.  The workers unite to show their dissatifaction at how things are, lack of jobs, increased hours, increased taxes, reduced wages, but every other week!!  Striking every other week, will not make any difference.  It would be more effective to all combine for one moviment, after all arent they all striking for similar things.

And what they need to remember is everytime they take a day to strike, production is heavily prejudiced, putting this country further back in its efforts to pull itself out of this financial crisis.  Things are not easy, nor are they very fair, but you should be grateful for having a job.  Especially for all of those who are not in a job and for every time you strike a day, that is potentially another job in danger as companies struggle to survive while output is reduced through striking.

The strike which took place two weeks ago, caused some big problems for several people and businesses and was reported around the world, as I heard from several family and friends.  The leader who planned this strike was seen encouraging the crowd, which then turned to chaos causing injury to both protesters and the police.  It was awful to watch as it seemed like complete social breakdown, which went on for several hours.  Making Portugal and Lisbon especially, look unsafe and out of control.  I know of one hospitality business which lost several thousands euros of business, due to these events, as the clients pulled out due to the events of this day!  How many more businesses had the same problem.  We are desperately trying to bring people into the country and these events just put people off.

People need to see the bigger picture, striking every other week, only damages the country further and makes the struggle worse.  We need to work together, except the situation and build a better future!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

No lunch for you my dear.

Here in Portugal as is well known, things are not good in terms of economy and crisis.  This recent event to me is the complete reality of the situation.  Obviously these things dont happen on a daily basis but this is an example of things happening.

A few weeks ago here in the Algarve, a little girl was left to go without her school meal.  The issues surrounding this is conflicting and I am not sure exactly what the situation on the day was, but this is what I understand to have happened.  The girls mother was behind in paying for her daughter's school meals, anywhere between 75cents or 30 euros, the mother had been asked to pay the backdated fees, which were payable direct to the school.  The mother works during the school office time and could not get there in time on this particular day.

So the school made the decision not to feed the child, a primary school age child, even a dinner lady offered to pay for the meal but was told not to.  So this child went hungry!!  In a modernised country, who lets a child go hungry for 30 euros!  The school's reason was that they have debts in terms of their food costs, and this is understandable, but they surely should have alerted someone to this particular child's situation, rather than just not to feed the child?  I think for an educational facility where the child's welfare should come first, this is completely unacceptable and the school has failed in its role.  If a child was potentially being neglected or hurt in some way would they not have a duty or conscience to do something, make someone aware, is this not a similar thing?  I know everyone is under financial pressure, but this is too much.

I love Portugal, but am sad to see how things have changed, time to move on!