Friday, January 28, 2011

A week!


This has been a bit of a strange week in my head. On monday I had my first visit for Tots, which was interesting and a good learning curve. Tuesday just disappeared to nowhere, wednesday was my daughter's 5th birthday. In her collegio on the children's birthday they invite the parents in, read a special story about an angel who travels to earth and comes as a baby - very sweet and have cake, but after that Sophie did not want us to leave, and we stayed too long and she got histerical and it all turned into a bit of a regretful nightmare, in between my 18month old who was with me at the school threw up, nothing serious but the repercusions lasted until today! So very unhappily, we took our 5 year old home again - not the day I had planned. Later that day I went to meet friend for coffee but Grace was not herself. She had not been eating or sleeping well but nothing was obviously wrong, then it occured to me it may be chickenpox as it had been going my daughters school and one of her friends had it this week, so that night she started developing some spots and had a temperature and I was convinced it was the 'pox'. Having googled it I knew that I would know fairly definatively by the morning. So the next morning, no chickenpox but instead a complete rash over her tummy and chest and big red blotches on her legs and face (so now what is this!) but she is fine in herself so by the afternoon we call the doctor who says it may be measles (WHAT?) so we make an appointment to go the doctor the next day, in the mean time keeping a close eye on her. But in 2 days we are supposed to be having a birthday party for Sophie, full of kids and babies(what to do?)
Anyway all was fine, the next morning the blotches had gone, the rash had moved to her back so no measles or chickenpox. Turned out it was just a virus so now we get ready for the party, panic over. Now I need a lie-in!! Good luck with that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family friendly holidays


I have 2 young children, but unfortunately have not had a holiday in 2 years. But holidays with young children can be very stressful, being in a new place with new dangers which you are not aware of. Sometimes going away can be more stressful than being at home, so what's the point. This is something I have discussed with many of my friends with young children, but there is a solution. Tots to Travel,are a holiday company who specialise in family-friendly holidays particularly for young families, all properties they rent have been extensively vetted by their agents for suitability and safety, their feedback is great and they have industry awards as well. Im not going to hide anything, I am a tots mum in the Algarve but I think what they do is fantastic and I wouldnt work with them if I didnt believe what they were selling, which is a less-stressful family holiday (and much lighter lugguage). See for yourself

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Not quite springtime yet but close enough. January is a funny time here in the Algarve, it can be wet and chilly, but it can also be beautiful when there is no wind and the sun is shining, it is warm. The wild flowers are coming out in the fields and by the roadsides, lovely yellow flowers and the almond trees are blooming their white, fragrant flowers. Lovely.

Time to plan the new year ahead.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I think I am becoming a techno-phobe! I am not old, only 32,and first used a computer when I was 10/11 years old when it was the ms-dos system where every command started with C:
When I was in secondary school I took an optional GCSE of I.T. and then more as a module on a BTEC qualification, but I.T. was not anything like it is now, INTEL processors was just coming out, the internet had never heard of google and online grocery shopping was barely thought of. And I was pretty good on the computer and understanding the 'technics' of it. But more and more I find it difficult and confusing and most of it is easier to use than ever.!
Today, I must have spent almost 2 hours making a microsoft mail account. For my work I use webmail but I was having some difficulties with templates, I think because it is web-based so I decided to make a microsoft mail account to hopefully overcome the problem. But in order to do that my computer told me I had to make a new user account as there were several email accounts registered on the pc. So I did that, then tried to make the mail account, didnt do that right, then figured it out but in order to correct it I had to cancel the first account I made. So I downloaded all my messages, but then I have all my files on the other user account, which is a pain. So later, I decided for some reason to see if I could create a user account on the original profile, and this time it let me but only downloaded the mails which had arrived since creating the first account, so I had to delete the account again and then delete the other user account I created right at the start to create the account on the original user account. So for something which has taken me a lot of time, and for reasons I dont understand I have ended up doing what I set out to do, a very long way round. See, this never would have happened a few years ago!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tavira life

I live in a small village outside Tavira on the East Algarve coast. I love Tavira, I think it is such a beautiful town.
I first came here in 2003 with my husband, then boyfriend. We were staying in Vilamoura and hired a car to go exploring. My husband had spent a few summers in various places in the algarve and so knew it fairly well. We came into Tavira and had a walk around and lunch and I never forgot it. I wished at that time we could have stayed longer and I vowed to come back (as I have about several places but never made it to them yet). The following year we spent some time with friends in Monte Gordo, so again we visited Tavira and I loved it just as much. After that we never came back until we moved here in 2008. Never in my dreams would I have imagined I would end up living here and I never get tired of it, to be honest, I wish I lived closer to the town to be there more often.
It is just such a picturesque place, the buildings are beautiful and the design of the roofs is unique to Tavira. It is a calm place, where you can take a walk or watch the world go by.
Tavira was an old moorish settlement and you can see the influence in many places. Situated on the Ria Formosa, it has always been a big fishing area and in the past one of the largest tuna fishing spots. On Barrill beach to the west of tavira is a 'graveyard' of anchors from the many and large tuna fishing boats, its amazing to see but also a little spooky, I find anyway.