Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tavira life

I live in a small village outside Tavira on the East Algarve coast. I love Tavira, I think it is such a beautiful town.
I first came here in 2003 with my husband, then boyfriend. We were staying in Vilamoura and hired a car to go exploring. My husband had spent a few summers in various places in the algarve and so knew it fairly well. We came into Tavira and had a walk around and lunch and I never forgot it. I wished at that time we could have stayed longer and I vowed to come back (as I have about several places but never made it to them yet). The following year we spent some time with friends in Monte Gordo, so again we visited Tavira and I loved it just as much. After that we never came back until we moved here in 2008. Never in my dreams would I have imagined I would end up living here and I never get tired of it, to be honest, I wish I lived closer to the town to be there more often.
It is just such a picturesque place, the buildings are beautiful and the design of the roofs is unique to Tavira. It is a calm place, where you can take a walk or watch the world go by.
Tavira was an old moorish settlement and you can see the influence in many places. Situated on the Ria Formosa, it has always been a big fishing area and in the past one of the largest tuna fishing spots. On Barrill beach to the west of tavira is a 'graveyard' of anchors from the many and large tuna fishing boats, its amazing to see but also a little spooky, I find anyway.

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  1. You are so lucky you have found "your place," and to enjoy your surroundings. I expect by now you're fluent in Portuguese and have found yourself belonging amid the local people.

    As a serial expat having lived in a number of foreign countries I know how difficult it is for many expats to find employment or meaningful activities in a foreign country. I hope you find your niche.