Friday, January 28, 2011

A week!


This has been a bit of a strange week in my head. On monday I had my first visit for Tots, which was interesting and a good learning curve. Tuesday just disappeared to nowhere, wednesday was my daughter's 5th birthday. In her collegio on the children's birthday they invite the parents in, read a special story about an angel who travels to earth and comes as a baby - very sweet and have cake, but after that Sophie did not want us to leave, and we stayed too long and she got histerical and it all turned into a bit of a regretful nightmare, in between my 18month old who was with me at the school threw up, nothing serious but the repercusions lasted until today! So very unhappily, we took our 5 year old home again - not the day I had planned. Later that day I went to meet friend for coffee but Grace was not herself. She had not been eating or sleeping well but nothing was obviously wrong, then it occured to me it may be chickenpox as it had been going my daughters school and one of her friends had it this week, so that night she started developing some spots and had a temperature and I was convinced it was the 'pox'. Having googled it I knew that I would know fairly definatively by the morning. So the next morning, no chickenpox but instead a complete rash over her tummy and chest and big red blotches on her legs and face (so now what is this!) but she is fine in herself so by the afternoon we call the doctor who says it may be measles (WHAT?) so we make an appointment to go the doctor the next day, in the mean time keeping a close eye on her. But in 2 days we are supposed to be having a birthday party for Sophie, full of kids and babies(what to do?)
Anyway all was fine, the next morning the blotches had gone, the rash had moved to her back so no measles or chickenpox. Turned out it was just a virus so now we get ready for the party, panic over. Now I need a lie-in!! Good luck with that.

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