Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family friendly holidays


I have 2 young children, but unfortunately have not had a holiday in 2 years. But holidays with young children can be very stressful, being in a new place with new dangers which you are not aware of. Sometimes going away can be more stressful than being at home, so what's the point. This is something I have discussed with many of my friends with young children, but there is a solution. Tots to Travel,are a holiday company who specialise in family-friendly holidays particularly for young families, all properties they rent have been extensively vetted by their agents for suitability and safety, their feedback is great and they have industry awards as well. Im not going to hide anything, I am a tots mum in the Algarve but I think what they do is fantastic and I wouldnt work with them if I didnt believe what they were selling, which is a less-stressful family holiday (and much lighter lugguage). See for yourself

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