Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The post with no name!

Wow, I have thought many, many times about this post.  The returning post after a long absence.
It difficult to know what to say, do you explain where you have been, why you have been away?  As one of my blogging buddies recently wrote after a similar long absence, is anyone still out there?  Does anyone care anymore about this blog, aside of me, who knows....

It's true, at times I have missed my blog, I do like to write but as life changed, my blog and I seem to drift apart.  Moving in different directions, time was an issue, as was some other occurences.  I have thought so many times to start again, but struggled to find the words, to come out of my head. Having ideas but not able to move them into something else. Not even managing to log on to start until now.

I started this blog as a link to other expats, while I was living in another non-english country, now I am back in England making a new life and somehow my blog no longer seemed relavant, left behind with my former life, but Im still here.  Albeit with less time and more to do but Im going to try.

Dearest blog, how I have missed you

Now I hope to find the desire to carry on, even if sporadically.