Friday, February 22, 2013

The Gallery: Boys

This week on the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Boys.

So in this case I would like to introduce the new boy in my life and I am totally in love with my new boy!

Our boy Thomas arrived to join us on 30th January 2012 and what a sweetheart he is!  We are all adoring of our new boy!  It took a while but third time lucky he made it!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello world!

I have been gone for a while, where have I been, well for those who follow my blog will know we have returned to England from Portugal.  After several difficult years there we made the decision to return.  So many times I have wanted to blog it but there never seemed enough time or I didnt know where to start.

So where to start, well am I glad to be back?  Oh god yes, so happy to be 'home', it is strange at times and has taken us a little while to adjust, well we still are!  The first few days especially felt like we were here for the first time ever!  I felt like an alien in a new world trying to figure out these new ways of doing things and the differences in people's ways and manners.  It is like a whole different world for where we were in Portugal, everything seems different and generally better and busier!!  Much busier than what we have been used to, something which I think has taken our children most to adjust to.  But the increased choice and movement in life is refreshing.  I love to see the countryside, the trees, fields and streams that I so missed.

Do I think of Portugal?  Of course, but quickly remember the reality that we lived and put my mind firmly looking forward to creating a new life here.  Life is faster and more active, but that's good as life was too slow there, the weather was good but I enjoy the more variety here, too much sun can become boring!  I am glad in many ways we have moved to another area, to give us a completely fresh start, instead of trying to step back into a 'past' life.  We are finding new things and places and its great.  We left england when our daughter was barely 2 and half years old and therefore didnt really get to experience a 'family' life here but now we are back with older children and a new baby on the way, our perspective is very different and the area we are in is great with so many things to do.

So we are on a new path, a better path.  Its not easy but it is easier!