Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gallery: Dads

This is my Dad. I love my Dad and he raised me well. He is a strong and quiet man. He is a loyal man, and no matter how bad Portsmouth FC do, he is and always will be loyal!

I was a Daddy's girl when I was little and remember sitting with him in his armchair, biscuit barrel in hand feeding our faces. When I was sick, my Dad would come home from work and give me cheese (which I loved), and it would make me feel better (dont know the logic there). I remember waking early and watching my Dad shave before going to work and being completely absorbed. He had a nickname for me that only he called me.

My Dad was a hard working man, and worked for the same company his whole working life, he travelled and worked in places that nowadays people wouldnt even want to visit, let alone live, bringing important developments to these countries.

He is very clever and remembers things most people dont even know in the first place.

He helped me with my homework and didnt pressure me when it was time to decide what to do after school but helped and advised me.

He gave me opportunities I would never have had without him.

But things werent always easy for my Dad, he had tough times but stayed strong and carried the pressure, when others may have given in. He cared for my Mum in her long illness.

He loves Freddie Mercury, American Football, Rugby and Football (especially Portsmouth FC)

To me, he is a very special person, who deserves to be happy.

This is the other Dad in my life - my children's Dad and husband. He loves his children very much and would do anything for them. As with many Dad's will give them (mostly) whatever they want.
For most girls, their Dad is their prince, their knight and my girls are no exception.
He is a person who will help others and he works hard to give us a good life and we love him very much.

Unfortunately, we will not be with either Dad's this weekend, but we are sending our love out to you.
Happy Fathers Day

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  1. What a great post! I love reading about other peoples families!

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