Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seven Things I want to do...(hopefully within the next two years!)

I was thinking the other day about where my life was going, as things are about to change and a new chapter starts, a thought Im not too keen to have, giving my past challenging couple of years.  But here goes...

1. Learn about Photography - I have a great camera which I love but dont know properly how to use it.  I have always been interested in photography but never had the chance to learn properly.  Time is not really an asset these days, but there must be a way.

2.  Take a holiday - I have not had a holiday for 4 years!!  We have only had one 'family' holiday, which was lovely but I am craving to have another.  I always have fond memories of my family holidays and want to have them with my own family - a time to get away, take a break, relax, have some fun and make memories.

3.  Learn to speak Portuguese properly - ashamedly after 3 years I still do not speak Portuguese, it is a very difficult language to speak and being an adult is not in my favour.  My children pick it up so easily.  I took lessons for a while but it didnt help too much. I know I need to make more effort, I find it frustrating.

4. Have a date with my husband, my husband is currently working away but even when he was here we never got any quality time together and sometimes its important to give attention to each other and remember there is something more holding you together than two little people.

5. Start a business - this is something I have been thinking about for years and have had several ideas, but for whatever reason cannot seem to move myself from the idea stage!  Maybe now is the time.

6.  See more of Portugal - portugal is a beautiful country full of history and beautiful sites, but I have barely seen any of it.  Me and hubby keep saying we should take a tour and see the sights, in the next two years(!?)

7.  Still to be decided..........Im not a good one for making plans and being aspirational, let's see what life brings.

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