Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gallery: Guilty pleasures!

This week's theme on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers is guilty pleasures!

My 'current' guilty pleasure these days is a glass of wine or two and crime drama or if Im lucky some american comedy, post-children's bedtime, while I work or read.   I would say my other guilty pleasure is time at the Spa but that would simply be untrue!   

This is a really interesting theme, Im intrigued to see what other's guilty pleasures are, come and see at The Gallery.


  1. Ah you can't beat a glass of wine and some tv to relax after the little ones are asleep - nothing to be guilty about I think ;)

  2. ...and I thought you were going to say social media with the laptop out! glass of wine and Tv is a perfect night in for me too

  3. I know, not really 'guilty' pleasures, but then I dont have any :-(, anyway while im sipping and watching the box I really should be doing more work! Really must get myself a proper guilty pleasure :-)

  4. Mine is a glass of wine in the bath with a book but I don't get time to do that very often so it's any chance that I have the house to myself where i can do whatever I want (which for some sad reason always turns out to be ironing!)