Friday, September 9, 2011

New to blogging? Need some help?

Do you have a blog, but dont really know what you are doing?  Or maybe you want to start a blog for personal or business use

I recently completed a FREE blogger E-course run by Ace Inspire and I wanted to share what I thought and how it has helped me. 

It was a 21 week course where short and easy to understand lessons were delivered to my inbox every week.  At the time, I had been blogging for personal use for about a year, but had since started working with Tots to Travel in a remote team and needed to be more aware of blogging and how to network on social media and also for myself personally I wanted to learn more about it and how I can make it work for me.  I have found it a really interesting subject on a personally and professional level.

I feel I have learnt a lot and for what I have applied, it has increased my readership and followers. To be honest, I havent applied most of the more advanced stuff that are probably more applicable for business users, but I intend to in the near future. 

If you have a website and are comtemplating adding a blog, I would highly recommend you do, research has shown that adding a blog which is regularly updated of course, is guaranteed to bring more traffic to your site.  And if you need help to start or like me to develop your basic knowledge and skills of blogging, this is a fantastic FREE resource that you cant miss.   

Ace Inspire also have other FREE courses, plus valuable resources for Women in business

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