Monday, September 26, 2011

Interview with a 5 and 3/4 year old!

A few weeks ago I did an Interview with an Expat Mum, this time I thought it might to nice to get a different view on the world, so I had a chat with my oldest, here's what she thinks......

Whats your name?  Sophie Agate Gomes Amorim

Where do you live?  Conceicao, Tavira

How old are you?  Five and 3/4

How old will you be on your next birthday? Shows me six fingers

Who is your best friend? All of them!

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A princess and a ballerina

Where is Daddy?  In Porto

What does Daddy do?  Works on a boat!

How old is Daddy and Mummy?  Daddy is four and mummy is three (dad - 40, mum -33)

Who's your favourite person in world?  Mummy, daddy and Grace (in that order)

What's your favourite thing to do?  Buy candy 

BTW - I dont stuff my child with sweets or spend every day buying sweets!  So there's a glimpse inside the mind of my almost 6 year old, which apparently is full of sweets, princesses and ballerinas.  There are far worse things to fill your head with :-)

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  1. Oh that is lovely, especially the best friend comment. I wish my daughter guessed my age like that...she asked me if I was on the titanic once!