Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some things about me

1. I have done a bungy jump in New Zealand  which is the most amazing place in the world and if you haven't been, you must go!

2. I love roses, (but never get given any, boo hoo)

3. I hate bad drivers and rude people, especially people who invade your private space or push you out the way.

4. One of my big frustrations is going into a shop, where they have clearly given NO thought to a mother with a pushchair, meaning either I can not go into the shop, thereby the shop loses a potential customer or I have to leave my child at the door, like lugguage.

5. My dream is to win the lottery, so not only could I change my life but also others by creating jobs and opportunities for education.

6. I have not had a holiday for almost four years.

7. My favourite colour is Red.

That's some things about me, I would love to know some more about you too.


  1. 1. I want to go to Macchu Piccu in Peru - I've paraglided off a mountain in France once... never again.
    2. I like cottage gardens... French husband calls them 'messy gardens'
    3. I hate people who keep pushing for a postive answer when you've already said no... and I mean no.
    4. Pushchairs and coming out of a car park my bugbear
    5. Yes lottery would be good. I would buy an old house and work in the garden all the time
    6. Sorry at least 2 hols a year.. otherwise I would go mad
    7. Favourite colour is pink.

  2. Oh me too!
    1. The only time I am rude is to marketing callers.
    2. I love travel but only after Ive been on the road a few days and got settled into it. I hate the hassle leading up to it.
    3. I hate milk in my tea.
    4. I hate that I dont know French or Spanish as well as I should.
    5. My favourite colour changes depending on what we're talking about!
    6. I love cake more than I should.
    7. I used to really dislike hot drinks but living in England I have grown to love them.

  3. Thanks for your comments, I always like to hear about other people.