Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jumping fences


So yesterday evening, I went to take my trash out, here in Portugal you generally dont have your own wheelie bin like in england, where you just open the door and chuck it in the bin, you have a shared large bin, normally within 100m of your house. So I said to my 5yr old, where I was going and to let me in when I knock. So she said ok and carried on playing. I left the door open a touch but knew it would probably shut as it was breezy. As I was walking away towards the bin, I hear the door slam, and thought nothing of it. After dropping the trash, I turn around to see Sophie standing outside the door and my mind panics. I run towards her, desperately hoping the slam I heard was before she came out and the door was still open, but of course not. So here we are standing outside our house, with my 21 month old sleeping upstairs and no keys, ALL keys are inside the house. So I start thinking, all walls and windows are quite high, so would be difficult to get in, ah I can go through the garage, I'll just ask my neighbours to let us into the block and we can go through there (as we always leave our garage open, except today of course!). So then I think, kitchen, one of our kitchen windows doesnt close so I can put sophie through there, but it's full of glasses, so too risky she may cut herself if they get broken (dont really want to be going to the hospital as well). What are we going to do? In the end, I had to lift her up onto a 5ft wall (im only 5'3") which has a small ledge for her to climb over, try to get onto the bbq and jump or climb onto the floor. It was risky, in bare feet with little to stand on and little way for me to hold her if she fell, but she did it and I think she quite enjoyed it too. So next time, for god sake, take the key with you!

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  1. Ugh! I hate moments like this... but then again, don't you just feel so proud when you think of a solution? Well done!

    And hurrah! Another expat parent! Found you through BMB, and am now following. Nice to meet' you! x