Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh why the procrastination!

I am a procrastinator, always have been but never really understood why. Im sure there must be a reason why some are and others aren't. Maybe it is upbringing, maybe personality. I find it a very annoying trait in me, but have been doing it as long as I remember, whether it was that homework due in two weeks and left to the last minute or an appointment which I really must make, but find everything else to do instead and put it off. I could say it was things I didnt like doing or new things that I may be fearful of, but even things I like doing I sometimes put off.

I think part of it is new things, as I have become an adult and settled into a secure routine, I find that more than often I am loathe to change my routine or comfort level, even though I know it is necessary or needed. My husband tries to push me along, but the more he pushes, the further my heels go in, like the pony who doesnt want to go.

But the problem with this is normally the things I am procrastinating about are in someone else's benefit, normally my children. And my procrastinating ends up biting me in the arse when I come to find that I can no longer do what needs to be done, because I have procrastinated too long. But why, I wish I knew, oh why the procrastination (huff)

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