Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foreign Flavours

My oldest daughter, Sophie has spent half her life in England and half in portugal. She was 18 months old when she had her first king prawn. Now we are in portugal, and some of the food is very different. She loves olives, which is not too unusual, but she regularly eats all kinds of seafood, pigs ears etc. All she is willing to try most things. But the thing I am constantly amazed at is her love of snails, yes snails, escargot. It is very common this time of year to have snails, you see people along the side of the road picking them out of the grass. Now the idea completely grosses me out, to eat a common garden snail you see in the grass- no matter how well you cook it. But she happily tucks into these huge snails, which just look like a very nasty large snot to me, but she loves it. But then, she has no other impression of it, whereas to me, it is not right to eat a garden snail or any other.

I know it can be a delicacy in France, but how many people commonly eat these things.

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