Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To stay or to go?

So things are not so smooth and as much as we hope and think we are coming to the end of this very rough road, we just dont seem to get there. With the current shambles of the Government, it is just one more indirect problem / issue that I see no good to come of.

And sometimes I seriously wonder if, like many others, we should give up and go. But I read things and sometimes it seems like we are ants scattering when someone dislodges their nest, not knowing where to go to be better, safer, more secure. And then I try to create a pro and con list in my head, but how do you weigh these things up, how can you put a cost on safety over money, familiarity over better quality of life. I guess that is for each of us to set our own cost or weight, but I can never do it.

But one thing I saw, when I was in England last September for a training course, I was in a train station and no-one looked happy, everyone had somewhere to go, to be but whether they wanted to be there?! Also on a london train, no-one looked at anyone, but all did the same thing, played with their mobiles, either playing games, listening to music or on the internet or email. I found it very sad. So we continue trying to make it work.

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