Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carnival time

So next week is Carnival in Portugal, time for big parades and two days holiday. Almost every town and city in Portugal will have some kind of celebration, and if the weather is good, it means a mini-break for many who use the long weekend. The biggest carrnival here is in Loule, near Faro, people come by their thousands to see it and I think it goes for the two days. Something I have never gone too, mostly due to having two small children would be a nightmare with a pushchair and also I dont like big crowds. Tavira on the other hand is having something more low-key, this friday they have most of the local schools doing a parade in town. The theme at least at Sophie's school is fairies and elves, so today I am out looking for a reasonably priced fairy suit, should be fun!

The next question is whether I will see the parade, I would love to, but Im worried if Sophie sees me she will not want to go back to school, as she can be quite clingy, especially outside her comfort zone (as some children are) and I would hate for my presence inadvertently to ruin her nice day, what to do?!

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