Friday, March 18, 2011

Psycho mum


As a mother do you have those days, where your children challenge you at every step and seem to do everything wrong? Im having one of those days, Sophie my 5yr old daughter goes to a kindergarten 3 days a week, sometimes the days change but this week was tue, wed, thur. Now she is home today and monday was exactly the same, her and grace just argue and seem to play up. Grace is great antagonist of her sister and wants everything Sophie has which seems to cause countless yelling and screaming, but Sophie can be wingey and also winds her sister up, occasionally teasing her.

But today they are pushing my buttons and I find myself being constantly challenged and not responding at my best 'mothering', getting overstressed and probably over-reacting. I find myself turning into 'psycho mum', a phrase I use when I see a parent seemingly 'out of control' and something I hate finding in myself. And I wonder why this happens, is it just because they are apart most of the week and now have to share the space or is it me? I work from home and so spend a certain amount of the day working, do they have trouble adjusting to that, or do I? Sometimes I feel guilty when I dont feel I have enough time for them, but I feel I give them a lot of time, more than a lot of mums are able to.

Hopefully this afternoon will be better and we will get out and get some sunshine - always good for the soul.

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  1. Not easy when they're challenging you to this extreme. I guess you need to step back a little, give them space to hammer it out of each other and hope it tires them out, meaning you can have a night of "me-time". Good luck!!

    CJ xx