Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fastest Algarvian in the land!

The algarvians are not a fast-paced people, unless of course you are on the road and one of them is hanging off your bumper, trying to have a look at your child! Life is slower here, people are not in a hurry.

When I first arrived from the faster paced life in England, where everything is much more, go, go, go, I found it very frustrating, but have gotten used to it, mostly. But one thing that still bugs me is when people cross the road like they have all the time in the world, like there are no cars, it really annoys me but if im crossing a road I get a move on, one thing I can never do is stroll across a road while people are waiting, it is just built into me I guess. I would say I was a rare breed, a fast algarvian, but I am not an algarvian, dont think I ever will be. They are nice people, dont get me wrong but I am not algarvian, nuff said.

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