Monday, March 14, 2011

Does not compute

Ok, so im still on about this non-payment situation, my brain cannot compute this information and I feel a bit naive not to have come across this situation before, but maybe I should consider myself lucky instead as apparently it is a common situation.

But I was thinking about motivation and happiness or satisfaction. We spend more of our life (before retirement) at work that if you are not happy at work it can have a big effect on the rest of your life. Mostly people will be motivated by money, so much that you may take a job you like less because it offers more money. But of course there are other criteria for selecting a job, but in these hard times, people often take any job for the income. So what if that income you need so much does not come, not only are you unhappy and unmotivated in your job but it has much wider implications in your life, effecting every part of your life. So now, not only are you unhappy for the 8/9 hours you are at work (as you could be in a job you didnt like but were receiving the basic reward of monetary renumeration) but you are unhappy all the time and your family are also unhappy and worried, all because someone does not fulfill their legal and contractual obligations

Hope my thoughts make some sense, lost track a few times through the usual distractions, all I can do is hope the situation will right itself and people do what is necessary

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