Friday, November 25, 2011

What Portugal means to me?

For those of you who dont know, although its fairly obvious from the title of my blog, I live in Portugal, in the Algarve on the eastern side not far from the Spanish border, near a town called Tavira.  And I was thinking the other day about what Portugal means to me, apart from being my adopted home and my husband's home country! So here it is:

P is for Porto, a beautiful city full of culture and history! You must go there if you can, but bring good walking shoes for the hills!

O is for the Orange groves and yineyards that cover the Algarve!

R is for too much Red tape, beauracracy here is mind-boggling and Im sure developed to confuse and put-off!

T is for time and the slower pace of life here, which takes some time to adjust to, after 3 years, Im still not used to it completely!

U is for Unbelievably bad drivers, they are terrible drivers, no signals, aggressive driving, dont look before pulling out, overtaking on a blindspot to name a few of the stupid and dangerous things they do!

G is for great weather, goes without saying really!

A is for The Algarve, with its miles of beautiful beaches and rolling hills behind! And all the other bits that make it great

L is for language, Portuguese has to be the most difficult language to learn, if not at least one of the top 3!

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