Friday, October 14, 2011

My Tavira

I love Tavira, it is a beautiful place.  To me it is the jewel of the Algarve, and in times past I can imagine it was a grand place in the region, strong in the fishing industry and commerce.  Looking at the grand old family houses, now left to ruin I imagine many important and wealthy families once had their homes here.

I came here back in 2003 when we were on holiday in Vilamoura and fell in love with it.  I always wanted to come back but never imagined I would end up living here.  

Terapins in the garden fountain
Colourful fishing boats line the river

The 'beach boat' which takes the 1000s of beach lovers to Ilha da Tavira every summer.

A view of the river, with the cockle pickers in the background.

Praca da Republica (Town Square)

The old Roman bridge

Gates of the Moorish castle

An old Tavirense house

Beautiful gardens

Typical roofs of Tavira

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