Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Save the children 100 words

Save the Children are running a campaign to raise awareness of the vital need for more healthworkers in the less developed world to save and protect more children and babies.

I was tagged by Tales from Windmill fields to take part and share my experience of a healthworker who made a difference in my life in 100 words.

So here is mine;

My birth with my first child was long and did not go according to plan ending in an emergency  c-section for the protection of my daughter.  Afterwards I recovered fine but the first weeks were not easy, but I was lucky enough to have a great health visitor who visited me much more than she normally would.  I appreciated this support and strongly believe this helped me not to develop PND and helped my mental health in that time.  Aftercare of mother and baby is sometimes as important as birthcare to aid the future care of the mother and baby.

Read here to find out what Save the Children are doing and how YOU can help.

I want to tag the following (if you havent already done it)

Manana Mama
Livi lou and Dude
Sarah - mum of three

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  1. Thanks for the tag Christine!

    I was tagged recently, and here's the one I put up:

    We are indeed lucky to have such wonderful health workers to help us through the tough times. EVERYBODY should be as lucky as us.