Saturday, October 8, 2011

My biggest pet peeve

Britmums have started a weekly blog hop in which they give a prompt to answer, this helps those of us who are short on inspiration or looking to do something different.

This weeks prompt biggest pet peeve is........

Well I have two big ones, but one is soon to be obsolete or at least less of a problem but the other will remain.  My peeves are shops or public areas not designed for pushchairs and rude people.

The frustration of trying to navigate a shop or area which is clearly not big enough to manouve a pushchair, the worst are those stores which put up displays in the middle of the floor such as shoe shops.  This leaves me with the inevitable choice to leave my child alone by the door, having to carry her around or to leave the shop without the items I need.  This is a situation which always leaves me feeling frustrated and an unvalued or unconsidered customer.

My other peeve is rude people, really annoys me, manners dont cost anything.  Doesnt matter if it is that person cutting you up on the road or the person who doesnt understand 'personal space', it is just bad education and unnecessary.  A 'please and thank you' are not difficult.  But I think it is a problem which is becoming worse these days.  Less children seem to be being taught good manners, whether it is bad parenting or a sign of society.


  1. True true but if you want to encounter rudeness take a pram to a restaurant in a retirement town. Brutal.

  2. I agree; with regards to the shops and difficult access, I just avoid them. They don't deserve your custom if they can't be bothered to make it easy for you to enter their premises.

    And rude people are one of my pet hates, too. I always find the older people get, the worse their manners become. It's not surprising young people aren't being taught well.

    CJ xx

  3. thanks for the comments, I think from both your comments that people just get less tolerant as they get older and therefore dont care about others and if they offend. I had a friend visit me last week and flew with her 2 yr old boy and of course at this time of year, travellers are retirees and young families and she said they were either nice and loved the children or looked at her like 'how dare you be on the same plane as me'. they forget that a few decades ago, they were in the same place! And forget that children do not remain quiet or sit still for almost three hours!