Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lagos Zoo

A couple of weeks ago we visited Lagos Zoo.  It is the only 'zoo' in the Algarve and one I had wanted to visit for ages, so with the visit of a friend and her little boy we went.

It was quite a hot day and we got there by noon.  It is quite easy to find, situated out in the countryside, about 5 minutes off the motorway or probably maybe 15 minutes drive from Lagos itself.  It was pretty quiet of visitors, but it is out of season for them.

It has mostly smaller animals (ie. no giraffes or elephants etc) but has a good selection of animals and birds and a few reptiles.  It is a smallish zoo but perfect size for little ones, so they wont get tired or bored, its just right.

We really liked it, they have a couple of restaurants there, playparks, picnic areas and a petting zoo with donkeys, ponies, cows, rabbits, goats etc.  They have a lovely large enclosure with several islands which houses several types of monkeys and lemurs with pelicans in the middle!!

This is some of what we saw:

The pygmy hippo was my favourite, he was a bit of a show off, keeping jumping up and making snorting noises!  Sophie liked the lemurs and meerkats.  I would recommend it, for a great family day or half day out.

Please note, this is purely my personal experience, it is not sponsored in any way.

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