Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goodbye Summer 2011!

It may seem a little late to be saying goodbye to summer, but here in the Algarve, the summer has really only just finished a couple of weeks ago.  Until the last week of October we were having glorious weather, still in skirts and t-shirts.  Now, we are full into trousers and jumpers!!

We had a good summer, one of the best, although a quarter of the family was missing! It was a quiet summer, but we found some new places, new beaches and took lots of photos.

For me, this photo is 'the' photo of this summer.  A beautiful sunny day and we were exploring and my girls are happy and beautiful.  This photo encapsulates our summer.

This summer I set myself a mission, and I can say I achieved most of what I wanted to do.  We definately visited more beaches, more often. 

Now the winter is coming, lets see what this brings.   

Coming up: Follow up to Tavira Beaches


  1. Lovely photo, I love black and white shots Winter has arrived here, well in my mind anyway as I'm in jumpers and fluffly slippers while there are still people walking round in bikinis - only the mad tourists though!

  2. Was funny to see goodbye Summer! Think we are saying goodbye Autumn here now and definitely hello Winter