Friday, July 15, 2011

My Summer Mission

Maybe this should be called my 'late summer mission' as we are almost half way through summer already! 

I wanted to 'do something' this summer that I would enjoy and that I could share with others and maybe even provide some assistance.  At the moment, there are two things I am loving - going to the beach with my girls and the area I live in. 

With my husband's new job, we were considering to leave the area where we live and move to another and it suddenly made me realise what a beautiful place I live in and I wanted to capture that, for myself and also as a record of my children's childhood home.  When you live somewhere I think often you can under appreciate it, you see it everyday but you dont really 'see it'.  There are many beautiful places around where I live in the East Algarve, that I have never seen and I dont want to miss.  And what better time to do some sightseeing than in Summer.  So with my loved camera,  I am on a mission to capture some of the Algarve region.  I love photography but dont do it enough and need the practice ;-) 

My second mission is to visit as many beaches in the area, I want to try them and find a good beach for me and my children.  Until now, I have generally used the same beach but maybe there is a better one.  What I am looking for is, easy access with decent parking, good facilities on or near the beach and shallow, calm waters.  Watch this space....

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