Monday, July 11, 2011

Would you like to run your own business with Tots to Travel?

Do you want to make a change to get the life that YOU want?

We’re looking to grow our team of Holiday Property Experts across the UK and mainland Europe; our team of successful 'business mums' are out and about meeting owners, visiting properties and advising on the best possible ways to market to families.

There is a strong team behind Tots to Travel, all sharing in our exciting growth, of which you could be a part.

The latest additions to our team of Europe-wide Holiday Property Experts are now settled in and enjoying their new businesses with Tots, having completed their training programme in May this year.

Now, with the school holidays fast approaching, we're beginning the preparations for the next round of training in September 2011.

Could it be you joining our team?

Our proven 'Business In A Box' opportunity allows you to choose when you work, how hard you work, how much you that you can do the things that are most important to YOU.

Here's what one of our new Experts has to say about her experience with Tots so far...

"Joining a family run business is a refreshing change from my former corporate life! I love working with such motivated and creative people, and everyone supports each other in a way that you don't really find with a big corporation these days. The geographically widespread team shares a forum which is a very supportive place - I haven't yet felt daft for asking a question!

The biggest and most enjoyable learning curve for me has been all about online marketing and social media. I am finding it thoroughly is clearly the key to the success of the business. On a more hands-on level, I am finding loads of excuses to go and have a ´family day out´ in order to get some lovely photos and blog content, and am re-learning why I fell in love with Andalucia in the first place!

My goal is to build a successful portfolio of properties on the same scale as the´Tots Veterans´ in France who are a real inspiration to anyone starting out. I have wanted to start my own tourism based business here for a while, in order to be more in charge of my own destiny, and I want to help get Andalucia firmly on the map for good quality family friendly holidays, which is nothing less than it deserves!"

Lindsay, Holiday Property Expert, Andalucia

The May training also saw 3 fab new UK agents come on board, but we're still in need of more so if you're feeling motivated and ready to make a step change in your life, why not take action now and get in touch?

There are no geographical boundaries to our Experts; we are keen to bring on board more properties in:



■North of England


■Greek Islands (Corfu and Crete in particular)


■The Balearics

■The Canaries

■The Alps

■The Cote d'Azur


So if you live in, can travel regularly to or know anyone who lives in those areas and might be interested, why not get in touch or pass this on?

Find out more...

Here's a link to a video about the Tots business opportunity, including a little more from our new team members....


Once you've watched the video, drop us a line any time on and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Now's the time to make that leap to secure the new life that YOU want...before the school holiday season is upon us!

Original blog post and further details can be seen at Tots to Travel Blog


  1. Sounds great, wish I had the money to think about applying :(

  2. Hi Emma,

    It is a really good opportunity and is very flexible around the family, you should see if you can do it somehow, it is a great investment if you are seriously interested.