Monday, July 4, 2011

Frustration of technology

I have had one of those weeks where I have felt like I have got nothing done, I end the day feeling like I am not producing everything, yet spend hours 'doing' stuff.  Today, I realised the reason for that feeling of 'unproductivity' was my computer.  Technology is wonderful when it works, but when it doesnt or is not doing what you want it can be the most frustrating thing and wears you out fighting with it.  That's what I feel like this week, like I am battling with my computer to get anything done and everything feels like a chore, even blogging! 

It is not really my computer's fault, my laptop is an old man, he is nearly 5, yes five years old, which as you know in laptop terms is very old and in the last two years has been used for thousands of hours of job searching, chatting, networking etc. He is just getting too tired, but at the moment I dont have the means to replace him and hope he will last until that time, which I hope to be very soon.  This week he has slowed down a lot and countless times overheats and switches off, (the hot weather not helping) only to take another 5-10minutes to start again once cooled, half an hour lost everytime this happens. Simple tasks take ages or get cut off midflow.  Loading webpages can take from 2 - 5 minutes, think about how any webpages you load in a day, all this becomes tiring and very frustrating.  Leaving me feeling like I am making no progress, I am but it is extremely slow.

I hope this week may be better, but Im prepared to be slow

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