Friday, July 22, 2011

A road trip with not much road!

Last weekend, we went to visit my husband who is working in Porto on the Douro River.  From where we live, that is an almost 350 mile drive each way.  So on Saturday morning, me and the girls set off for our 'road trip', with a couple of stops it was supposed to take five and a half to six hours.  I was looking forward to it, to see my husband of course, and to do the drive was a challenge for me and gave me a change of scenery.  But travelling so long with two young children made me a little nervous. 

The drive up was fine, mostly motorway, was easy until we reached the city of Porto, where I proceeded to get lost, frustratingly I could see where I needed to be, but couldnt get there.  After driving up and down and round and round, crossing the river and back again, I got there.  After that we had to go to the hotel, which was about 3 miles away, this again took half an hour of being lost.  All this with directions, that apparently I was incapable to follow!!  We stayed for the weekend and on Monday heading back towards the south, getting out was easy. 

We decided to stop in Lisbon on the way to visit my inlaws for a night and continue onto home the next day, this was not to be.  As I was nearing the city, the car broke, would not go.  Here I was stuck on a very busy part of motorway about 15 miles from my inlaws, with two tired children.  Very lucky for me, with my brother and mother in law's help, we managed to get the car towed into the city.  So now what, what happened to the car, how would we get home, how long and how much would it cost?  I was very worried. And crazy to get home like never before, all I wanted was to go home.  No reflection on my inlaws, but I just wanted to be home.  

Luckily the work wasnt too major and was done in 48 hours, so we hit the road again and made it home, cautiously wondering if the car was going to make the 180 mile trip, but it did.  So our four day road trip turned into a six day road trip, but I have never been so happy to be home.

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