Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I love September!

Why do I love September?  September is the changing of times for many parents and other people.  It signifies the end of summer, through the end of holidays and the cooling of the days.  September, I would imagine when the job markets start to buzz after everyone has had their holidays.  September is a time for new things, new starts!  A time of change for parents with children starting school, getting used to a new routine of school hours and homework.

For me this September means several things, mostly when all the tourists leave (well the vast majority) and the beaches become quiet, restaurants not overly busy and the supermarket is accessible once again (without trolley-rage).  It also means the temperature becomes more comfortable, still hot but not stupidly hot, although this summer has been quite brezzy and not as hot as previous years, but I have still managed to get sunburnt.  The night become cool and you need to put a cardigan on if outside.

This year is particular significant, as my eldest daughter starts pre-school or what we call in England 'reception' year, to prepare for primary school next september, which is the start of 5 day schooling.  I am also putting my youngest into kindergarten three days a year and for two years we have been together every day!  That will be a wrench for both of us im sure.  To me those are big developments for both my children and one Im sure will bring new situations and worries.

But with them starting school brings me something new, a bit of a break from the constant childcaring and time to do something for myself.  I am going to start to teach english online, carry on with my Tots work and hopefully, start a small business with my husband.  So lots to do for everyone, hopefully a time of positive change and development for all!

September can be a funny time for many as the holidays end, some are pleased to have the kids back at school, but also feel a bit of loss at the family time gone and the long, dull winter ahead of them.  It is definately a time of change, for all parents, some good, some bad, but should be embraced. 


  1. I love September too - it is such a month of new beginnings and possibilities.

    Thanks for taking part in the carnival :)

  2. We've a fair few changes ahead of us too and I feel quite invigorated by the thought. I don't like winter though so I hope the good mood lasts!

  3. Just read this shortly after my first work out session since the start of the year, so your post seems very fitting!! While the children go back to school, I'll hopefully have time to concentrate on getting fitter!
    Good luck with them in reception and pre school, it's hard at first, but you'll soon start enjoying your you time! Nat