Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gallery: Animals

This week on The Gallery, the subject is Animals.  So I searched through my photos, last week I took some photos of the first deer I had seen here in Portugal but they were not clear enough, crappy lens!  It was great to see and I would have loved to capture it.  A few days later I went to the same park and a deer was not 10 metres away but I didnt see it until it turned and ran, would have been a great picture, maybe next time!  Must be more ready next time.

Anyway, so I found these photos I took a few weeks ago.  Very common sights here in the Algarve, the traditional sheparding and a stork nesting on a post, or chimney or pylon or anthing high and a reasonably sized flat surface. 

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  1. Wow amazing pics - such diff sights from in the UK!

  2. Love the stork nesting, makes a change from it being a crow!

  3. Love the second one and good of you to share what is different about where you are.