Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gallery: Black & White

This weeks theme at The Gallery on Sticky Fingers is Black & White.  

These pictures where taken on a wander around our part of the Algarve a few weeks ago.  This was taken from one of the old forts in a very small typical Algarvian village with small, whitewashed houses with blue shutters, and the views are great!     

A typical image in the sultry climate of the Algarve, never quite imagined I would live in a place with palm trees.

I love these pictures, but love them even more now I put them in Black & White, it gives a whole different look, and reminds me I should take more in Black & White.

Why not come and see what else is on The Gallery this week. 


  1. Lovely photos! So jealous of you getting to live somewhere as lovely as that! We're hoping to go on holidays to Portugal in late September so fingers crossed we do and get to see the sights for ourselves x

  2. Love the top photo, the contrast of their hair against the wall is fabulous. You can almost feel the heat radiating off the ground in the bottom shot.

  3. That top photo definatly wants a frame, it's gorgeous! Nat

  4. Such beautiful photos, especially the top one. Wish I lived somewhere like that!