Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it ever justified: The London Riots

Although this should now be called the 'England Riots' as the problem like an epidemic spreads.  I know everyone is on this bandwagon, and maybe there isnt room for one more but I'll make it brief.  I didnt hear much about the sunday night trouble as we do not get much english news on portuguese Tv unless it is quite serious, so all my news has been coming from the internet, facebook and twitter.  I have watched some vidoes on youtube but honestly find it too sad.  My heart fills with sadness to see my home country turn into this chaos with cities and neighbourhoods being turned into warzones.  To me it's like something from a movie, something I could never imagine in such proportions happening in London or anywhere else.  Its like these people have become animals, with no humanity in them.  I hope now several of them have been locked up and hopefully some have woken to the shame of their disgusting behaviour, things will turn to some kind of control and normality.  How would they feel if one of their family was mindless beaten up by one of these gangs, or do they really not care.

Alot of people are somehow defending this disgusting behaviour by calling it 'disaffected youth' and the crumbling of society but I was watching a bit of news where Boris Johnson was talking and condemning the people using such phrases, and he's right (I think), ok so the youths are unhappy, they dont have jobs, want everything for nothing but is this the way to get it, no it is wanten criminality.

Even if the youth are 'disaffected' or any other defense people throw in, is there EVER justification for this brutal violent behaviour or to damage and steal other people's property - I dont think so EVER!

Its saddens me that these people are born with rights that people in other parts of the world fight for everyday and may never get.  And instead of realising how fortunate they really are, they behave like animals, destroying people's lives.  Good, law-abiding people are under immense financial pressure just trying to hold on, will now be ruined, not able to recover the losses they have suffered.

This is a sad day for England.  

If you feel like I do, show your support by following this facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Supporting-the-Met-Police-against-the-London-rioters/152937041453243

And if you know anyone involved, do the right thing, report them! 

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