Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogging: 'Cyber Scrapbooking'?

A little while ago I read something that Tara Cain from Sticky Fingers wrote about why she blogged - she said one of the reasons she did it was to provide a record of her children's childhood, for herself but more for them.

And it got me thinking, does that make a blog, a kind of 'cyber scrapbook'?  Just like a scrapbook, most people keep pictures, with captions or short written pieces.  Each pages has a theme or subject.  But instead of putting it in a book, we put it into cyberspace to last forever. 

Is that not one of the reasons we make our blogs, for prosperity, I know I do.  Before computers and internet people would make scrapbooks and keep photo albums of everything.  Now we are more likely to photoshare with Flikr or Picassa or keep a blog or some kind of record, where we enter the information we want to keep.  And the great thing about this, is it (should) last forever and can be shared with people anywhere in the World.

What do you think?  Do you keep a blog as a kind of memory 'keepsake'?

Please note, I do not do scrapbooking (my stepmum does) but I am in no way saying it is outdated or not a great thing to do.

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