Monday, February 6, 2012

When times are hard

When times are hard, you need support.  You grow up to rely on certain things and people in your life.  Possibly through your life, this support network changes.  Every one has difficult times, some more than others.  Everyone has a belief system which gives them strength and guidance in life, so what happens when that support system is not there for you?  In the hardest times of your life, you turn to find the things / people you relied on not to be there or at least in the way you need.  Or even when that lack of support, actually becomes an extra problem / worry in your life, leading you to continue without your normal support and yet having to find even more strength to go on.  How do you find a way through, pick yourself up and go on?  Have you ever been there, how did you go on?

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  1. Hello Christine
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