Friday, February 17, 2012

This annoys me about Portugal

So Portugal is in big trouble financially, with Troika in place, things are tough.  One of the measures they are using to increase productivity is to get rid of some of the national holidays.  Here in portugal, they have lots of public holidays, I can never remember exactly how many but there are a lot.  So they are in the process of getting rid of four of them.  But not only do they have these public holidays, but they have extra days such as now, Carnival, although not an official public holiday, most businesses and public operations close for two days. But what is even worse is the 'ponte' (meaning bridge in translation) so before or sometimes after depending on what day the holiday falls on, they give an extra half or full day.  Many private companies will give a friday if they holiday falls on thursday and so on.  But the government is also in the process of cancelling these 'pontes'.

However, what has bugged me, is that about 3 weeks ago, the Prime minister said there was to be no 'ponte' given for Carnival this year.  Therefore companies were supposed to continue as normal, no closures etc.  However, it appears that no-one has taken heed of this, even to the point that my daughter's public school, closes at lunchtime TODAY and stay closed for THREE days next week, not even the normal two for carnival period.  And yet, who will pay for this lack of productivity, closures, the government.  Now I understand that local governments have the power to decide how to spend the little money they have, but it does just make me wonder WHY?  And maybe understand why Portugal is in the state it is.  Get to work people, you have another 14 holidays to come this year!

I apologise if I sound like a 'slave driver' but there has to be limits, why should you have an extra half a day for a holiday which is taking place next week, and even so it is not an official holiday, although everyone treats it like one.
I also apologise if I have any of my details wrong, this is just my opinion and view of things.

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