Thursday, February 9, 2012

An algarve winter

Not quite an 'algarve winter' but sometimes feels like it!
This is my fourth winter here in the Algarve and each one has been a little different, the first one was very cold, the second very wet, the third was milder, but quite windy.  This one is amazingly dry and at this time, pretty cold for here.  It is rare for temperatures to drop below 5 degrees even at night, but we have had a couple of cold patches, one of which we are having now, no doubt an extension of the cold throughout europe.  But one thing we are very fortunate to have is lots of sunshine, so at least in the daytime it gets warm in the sun.  But as soon as the sun starts to disappear, Brrrr.  For the first two winters, I was so cold I spent my days, wearing 3 layers in the house and two pairs of socks.  Over the years I think I have acclimatised to the difference in the weather here from England and accept my house is colder than I would have had it in England.  But the problem here is the lack of heating, houses are not made for the few months of 'reduced' temperatures.  I crave carpets and most of all central heating!  Heating here is provided through electric heaters and fires, which is nice but nowhere near as effective as central heating and we end up with pockets of heat in different parts of the house.  And a very large electricity bill!

But not to worry, spring is just around the corner with more sunshine and warmer and longer days, so cant really complain.  But Im not complaining, just saying, Im used to it now.


  1. I keep hoping for SPring too, I know Holland was disappointed that the temperatures are rising so no Elfstedentocht but I was quietly smiling

  2. It's hard to explain to people with carpets and heating just how cold it gets isn't it! I'm sitting under a duvet on the sofa wearing a big jumper and a big fluffy dressing gown, the heating just doesn't really seem to help. Oh well, won't be long until I'm moaning about the heat again :)

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