Monday, July 30, 2012

Why is change so hard?

So a monumental decision has been made in the past few days, spurred on by some other 'happenings' as well.  Now my head is spinning as I try to process this massive shift in our lives.

As some of you who read my blog know, we have been struggling here in Portugal with a lack of work and financial difficulties, due to that.  This has been going on, up and down for the past three years, but now we have decided to make a change (I could say give in, but I dont see it as giving in as I believe we have given it our best shot and tried all we can to turn this around) and have made the decision to return to England.  But this is by no means an easy decision and one I find I am questioning with my irrational head, but my rational head needs to step up.

Im sure with time I will get my head around it, just need to give it time to set it.


  1. Oh, sorry to hear you had to make such a difficult decision in the end. I can understand and as you know it's something that worries me especially now my parents are here. We are still hanging on at the moment but often by the skin of our teeth!

    I'm sure it will all work out for the best eventually though - everything happens for a reason and all that :)

  2. Having been in your exact situation,I know exactly how you feel. I am sure it will be the best decision in the end. Good luck with it all