Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Olympics Opening Ceremony

After my 'sad' post of last week onto something more happy, the opening of the London Olympics last night. I am writing this before I have read any articles, news or others opinions as I wanted to say my piece uninfluenced by others.

I thought it was great, really loved it.  I thought the way they did it differently using the thoroughly British theme was great.  I feel it took everything that is great about Britain, some things which we maybe overlook or forget at times and showed what a strong country it is.  I loved all the different styles they used in all of it and all the characters, mr bean and james bond etc.  The idea of starting with the history that built the country and using things like our literature and music were wonderful.  The thing I loved most I think was the hill where they put all the flags of the countries competing, a real, typical hillside.  I felt it was uplifting and very well executed and one of the best, if not the best opening ceremony.

Living outside the country, looking in, so to speak I find people are pessimistic and unhappy, so quick to put things down and complain.  And Im sure the internet is filled with people who didnt like it and have problems with it.  But I thought it was great, very well done and made me proud to be British.  These games are a great opportunity for the country, of course not for all but for the majority it is.


  1. It was great, wasn't it! I normally don't feel really British (more Spanish) but last night I was proud. It had everything including British humour Mr Bean was fab!!

  2. Our family loved it - very proud of it, and am usually not that patriotic! I blogged about the opening ceremony too :)