Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer is a strange time

Summer is always a bit of a strange time for me being an expat living in a foreign country, where many of my fellow 'countrymen' come for their yearly get away.

To live here and to see others come here on their holidays always brings me mixed feelings.  Im not really sure why.  Maybe because I would love to go somewhere hot and sunny and different for a holiday, but I live here.  Why should I feel the need to go somewhere which is essentially the same as where I live.  But you have to understand to live in a tourist area is nothing like taking a holiday there.

A holiday fills you with excitement (normally) of visiting a new place or a place you love to go and explore.  Its a time to get away from everything that is the 'norm' and relax.  Time to soak up some sun and live in a different way for a short time.  And to see people doing that kinda makes me envious, even though I live in the same place that they are only visiting for a short period.  

To live here is like living anywhere, you still have the same daily things to do, the school run, the grocery shop, bills to pay.  Life is not so exciting, the only difference is the sun shines and we have access to the beach much easier.  

But alas it is not a holiday!  hope all you lucky ones taking your summer hols have a wonderful time!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I'm always torn between feeling jealous of them being on holiday to pleased that I don't have to go home in 2 weeks. My hubby doesn't get what I mean at all!

  2. I so get this. Add in nowhere to park in July and August, very busy supermarkets and having to see your fellow countrymen embarrass themselves by wearing inappropriate clothing in public...

    That said, I don't often go to the beach so when we all head down there it does sort of feel like I'm on holiday, especially if I stop off at a bar for a beer on the way home. The rest of the time I'm just complaining about the heat whilst basking under aircon unit.