Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring time in the Algarve

One thing that I love and that really interests me here in the Algarve where I live are the plants and flowers.  Still after several years of living here, I am amazed by the beauty of the surroundings.  Every day I drive past palm trees, orange groves, fig, carob and olive trees to name a few.  things that growing up would be things in movies, books and seen on our yearly family foreign holidays.  I never imagined it would be part of my daily life, but I never tire of seeing them.

This time of year brings the wild flowers, fields full of red, yellow, blue and pinks.  Everywhere I look I see colour, so beautiful.  They grow everywhere and anywhere.

Unfortunately the photos are not great and do not show the true depths of colour, but I hope you still enjoy.


  1. Beautiful photos! Nothing but a few daffodils here at the moment. Can't wait for the weather to perk up and a few more colours to appear.

  2. I love the Spring, my favorite time of year. Unfortunately it's a bit wet here in France at the moment to fully enjoy it. Lovely photos :)