Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Portugal

Here in Portugal, Easter is quite popular being a strong Catholic country.  They celebrate as most modernised countries with chocolate eggs and sugared almonds, which are almost as popular as chocolate.

On Good Friday, they eat fish, normally Cod, prepared in one of the many, many different ways.  On Easter sunday, they go to Mass and then have a meal of Lamb.  It is a big family day with many families getting together for the meal.

Here in the Algarve, there is a traditional cake prepared at this time of year called a 'Folar', which is a heavy kind of cinnamon cake, normally cooked with an egg in the middle.  Many of them have a cross design, signifying the religious connection, as we do with hot cross buns in the UK.

Many towns through the country have religious processions, which are quite interesting to see.

There are several spots which are popular to visit.  The most famous being Braga which is known for its amount of churches and religious connections as the Archbishop of Portugal is based there.

So wishing all a Happy Easter, wherever you are, however you celebrate.

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