Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woo hoo! Im an Expert!

Hey look Im an expert!  Expert of what I hear you ask, well I am an expert of local knowledge of the Algarve and things to do (amongst other things!).  

Expert Blogger

Take a look: 

Top 10 Family Things to Do in The Algarve

Dolphins at Zoomarine. Credit: Christine Agate-Amorim
Both beautiful and interesting, the Algarve in southern Portugal is both well known and widely unexplored.
Many of her treasures have yet to be found by the masses – while most might think of this area as being full of beaches and hotels, there is so much more to discover, from flamingos to castles.
These are my top 10 things to do with the whole family ona holiday to the Algarve: