Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hard to find the good!

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to list your strengths or what you are good at, but a list of things we are not good at, seems to be so easy!  At least for most people that is the case, we are always ready to put ourselves down, thinking others are better are certain things.  

The other day I sat down to make a list of 'what Im good at' in order to try and get my life back on track and immediately my head goes blank, and then starts to fill with all my self-doubt and things Im not good at.  Sure there are a lot of things Im not good at like anyone and things I could do better if I tried harder, but it seemed such hard work to find even six things I am good at.  It made me a little sad of myself, as I do have many skills, albeit some of which have not been used in a long time, after having my children and leaving my career path, but I sure could be resurrected if in the right situation.  This also links into my new year resolutions of which one was to be more positive, this is not a good start!  Must try harder to find the good in myself and situations around me.

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  1. Oh that's so sad :( I'm sure there's loads of things you're good at but you're right in that it's hard to see them ourselves.

    My counsellor had me do this exercise and I struggled so hard with the first couple but once I got going I saw that actually there's loads of stuff I'm good at. I might not be the best at it but it's still a talent.

    Try putting a notebook somewhere in easy reach so when something springs to mind you can write it down and you should soon see that you're bloody wonderful!